Nicola Jappelli


Nicola Jappelli performs a vast repertoire of music from various periods, from Baroque to contemporary music.
He is particularly fond of great 19th century composers such as Sor, Paganini and Mertz.
Nicola uses two different guitars: an Early Romantic guitar and a Modern model.
As a musician he is known for his continuous search for rigor and inventiveness, and his sensitive performing style is completely personal and anti-rhetorical.

“ … The album dedicated to Sor proves Nicola Jappelli to be the ideal performer due to his taste, musicality and intense interpretation”.

Enzo Siciliano, Venerdì di Repubblica

“ … One can easily perceive a personality here, that is the identification of an intelligent musician. Jappelli likes taking risks for innovative ideas while keeping alive the hope of meeting him again soon”.

Angelo Foletto, Suonare News

“The album is pleasant and convincing, mostly thanks to the ability, passion and accuracy of the performer, who phrases with taste, a variety of colours and high-quality sounds”.

Piero Viti, Guitart

“Jappelli sweetly whispers Sor´s music with a balanced and soft sensitivity, emphasizing the seductive nature contained in the rational and classic style of the Catalan musician”.

Massimo Rolando Zegna, Amadeus

“Here Nicola Jappelli did rather steal the show, not only because of the greater variety in his playing and repertoire, but also because there was true intensity and fire in the performance. And, considering he was using a copy of smaller-dimensioned Stauffer guitar, the range of tone colour and dynamics was more impressive still”.

Evening Herald, Plymouth UK

Guitar Player

Photos from the left:
- Romantic guitar (copy by Kresse after Stauffer 1830ca)
- Guitar (P. Gallinotti,1954)